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Texas Oil and Gas Well Headers
(Extended Well API information)

Texas Extended Well Data (Includes County Base Map)

Texas Extended Well Data with County Base Map

Texas Extended Well Data Subscription Service
  • All of the wells for an entire county at one low price
  • Includes Texas County Map Base Map. (See the Texas County Map page for more details.)
  • All Data (GIS and well data) updated at the time of order. (Please allow up to 2 business days for delivery.)
  • Get an initial view of opportunities while managing costs
  • Ultra-fast delivery to your own online account
  • Easily integrates with standard mapping applications and spreadsheets
Single Update
(per county):

Get an Initial View of Opportunities While Managing Costs

When entering new prospective areas to evaluate opportunities, you need to be smart about where you spend your time and your money. Larger data providers have excellent well information, but you know the rub: the cost of these services can be prohibitive during the initial stages of development. Subscription arrangements can easily run $10,000 or more per year, for just a few counties.

Be Smart About How You Use Your Exploration Resources

Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, why not adopt a modified approach? Our Texas Well Data, including well headers with API numbers, are already tied to our land grid (Texas County Maps), which is critical when you need to visualize the wells in their spatial context, and is available at pennies on the dollar compared to the larger data providers. Texas County Maps along with the Texas Well Data layer, costs only $249.00 for an entire county - regardless of the number of wells. Subscription arrangements are available that will allow you to keep up to date on activity within the county on a monthly basis. Then, you'll be better equipped to determine which specific wells require more information, and therefore, warrant your time and resources.

Ultra-Fast Delivery via Your Own Online Account

As soon as the information is available, you will be notified via email to download from your protected account on our server.

Easily Integrates with Standard Mapping Applications and Spreadsheets

MidTex Texas Well Data is provided in ASCII and standard spreadsheet formats and easily integrates with a variety of mapping applications, allowing you to quickly use the data - even if all you have is Microsoft Excel.

Get More Information

Interested in finding out how MidTex Texas Well Data can integrate with your total well data solution? Ready to purchase?

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Well Header Fields

X (or Longitude)   Well Number
Y (or Latitude)   Lease Name
Symbol Type (oil, gas, dry, etc.)   Permit Number
API   Lease Number
Quad Number   Field Name
Survey   Completion Date
Block   Plug Date
Section   Reference API
Abstract   On/Off Schedule
Operator   Oil Gas Code
Total Depth    

X/Y or Latitude/Longitude

Position of the well. Supported units are Geodetic (Lat/Lon) or X/Y (State Plane, UTM). Coordinates may be in NAD27 or NAD83 earth models.

Symbol Type

Symbol type. Common types are oil, gas, dry, loc, oilgas. Coming soon: Online list of all well symbol types.


Contains the 8-digit API number assigned to the well bore. The first 3 digits indicate the county in which the bore is located. The last 5 digits represent a unique number that in combination with the first 3 digits makes it unique to the bore. If the API number for a given well is not available, this will contain a calculated unique number.

Quad Number

Contains a 7-digit number representing the USGS 7.5 minute quad number for Texas. This is the map area in which the well bore API number is physically located.


Contains up to 55 characters indicating the name of the original grantee or the name of the company, individual or eleemosynary institution that is common among a formed group of surveys as shown on the General Land Office (GLO) county patent survey map or the GLO state abstract of land titles.


Contains up to 10 characters indicating the number or letter used in description of a group of surveys identified as a block on the General Land Office (GLO) county patent survey map or the GLO state abstract of land titles.


Contains up to 8 characters indicating the number that further describes an abstracted surveyed parcel, or a surveyed parcel further divided into numbered abstracted areas.


Contains up to 6 characters indicating the number assigned to summary statement of facts on which a person's land title rests. The Texas General Land Office assigned the number to the surveyed parcel at the time of patenting (example: a-1234). The term abstract" refers to an original land survey describing an area transferred from the public domain by either the Republic of Texas or the State of Texas. These surveys are recorded in the "state abstract of land titles," which is maintained by the Texas General Land Office. Each survey so recorded is assigned an abstract number which is unique within the county in which the survey falls. Because Texas has never performed a uniform statewide land survey, these original surveys called "patent surveys" constitute the state's official land survey system.


Contains organization/operator name as filed on RRC organization report form (Form P-5).

Total Depth (TD)

Contains a 5-digit number representing the maximum depth of the well bore.

Well Number

Contains the well number.

Lease Name

Contains up to 32 characters representing the name assigned to a lease.

Permit Number

Contains a 6-digit number assigned by the Railroad Commission for an approved application to drill.

Lease Number

Contains a number assigned by the Railroad Commission. A 5-digit oil lease number or a 6-digit gas well identification number.

Field Name

Contains up to 32 characters representing the name of the field in which the lease is located.

Completion Date

Contains an 8-digit number in ccyy/mm/dd format representing the date the well was completed.

Plug Date

Contains an 8-digit number in ccyy/mm/dd format representing the plug date reported on the form W-3 (Plugging Report).

Reference API

Contains an 8-digit number representing the current API number assigned to the well bore.

When a refer to api number is listed, go to that API number for information about the well bore.

On/Off Schedule

Contains 1 character indicating whether the well is currently on the proration schedule. The character 'N' is used for on schedule and the character 'Y' is used for off schedule.

Oil/Gas Code

Contains 1 character indicating whether the well is/was carried on the oil or gas proration schedule. The character 'O' is used used for oil proration schedule and the character 'G' is used for gas proration schedule.

MidTex Well Symbols

Symbol Number



2 Permitted Location
3 Dry Hole
4 Oil Well
5 Gas Well
6 Oil-Gas Well
7 Plugged Oil Well
8 Plugged Gas Well
9 Canceled Location
10 Plugged Oil-Gas Well
11 Injection-Disposal Well
12 Core Test
13 Directional Surface Location
15 Radioactive Well
16 Sulfur Core Test
17 Storage from Oil
18 Storage from Gas
19 Shut-In Well (Oil)
20 Shut-In Well (Gas)
21 Injection-Disposal From Oil
22 Injection-Disposal From Gas
23 Injection-Disposal From Oil-Gas
24 Offshore Platform
36 Geothermal Well
48 Cemetery
73 Brine Mining Well
74 Water Supply Well
75 Water Supply from Oil
76 Water Supply from Gas
77 Water Supply from Oil-Gas
78 Observation Well
79 Observation from Oil
80 Observation from Gas
81 Observation from Oil-Gas
88 Storage Well
89 Service Well
90 Service from Oil
91 Service from Gas
92 Service from Oil-Gas
103 Storage from Oil-Gas
104 Injection-Disposal from Storage
105 Injection-Disposal from Storage-Oil
106 Injection-Disposal from Storage-Gas
107 Injection-Disposal from Storage-Oil-Gas
108 Observation from Storage
109 Observation from Storage-Oil
110 Observation from Storage-Gas
111 Observation from Storage-Oil-Gas
112 Service from Storage
113 Service from Storage-Oil
114 Service from Storage-Gas
115 Service from Storage-Oil-Gas
116 Plugged Storage
117 Plugged Storage-Oil
118 Plugged Storage-Gas
119 Plugged Storage-Oil-Gas
121 Brine Mining from Oil
122 Brine Mining from Gas
123 Brine Mining from Oil-Gas
124 Injection-Disposal from Brine Mining
125 Injection-Disposal from Brine Mining-Oil
126 Injection-Disposal from Brine Mining-Gas
127 Injection-Disposal from Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
128 Observation from Brine Mining
129 Observation from Brine Mining-Oil
130 Observation from Brine Mining-Gas
131 Observation from Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
132 Service from Brine Mining
133 Service from Brine Mining-Oil
134 Service from Brine Mining-Gas
135 Service from Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
136 Plugged Brine Mining
137 Plugged Brine Mining-Oil
138 Plugged Brine Mining-Gas
139 Plugged Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
140 Storage-Brine Mining
141 Storage-Brine Mining-Oil
142 Storage-Brine Mining-Gas
143 Storage-Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
144 Inj-Disposal from Storage-Brine Mining
145 Inj-Disposal from Storage-Brine Mining-Oil
146 Inj-Disposal from Storage-Brine Mining-Gas
147 Inj-Disposal from Storage-Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
148 Observation from Storage-Brine Mining
149 Observation from Storage-Brine Mining-Oil
150 Observation from Storage-Brine Mining-Gas
151 Observation from Storage-Brine Mining-Oil-Gas
152 Plugged Storage-Brine Mining
153 Plugged Storage-Brine Mining-Oil
154 Plugged Storage-Brine Mining-Gas
155 Plugged Storage-Brine Mining-Oil-Gas