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Texas County Annotated Pipeline Maps

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Texas County Annotated Pipeline Maps for CAD, Geology, and Mapping Packages

See the data the way that makes most sense for your project, by utilizing customized Texas Pipeline Maps from MidTex Mapping Services. The pipeline layer includes attributes which can be used for annotation on the map. Possibile annotations are text, customizing the layering, colors, or linetypes of the pipeline entities, or some meaningful combination of these options.

Pricing: Since the maps are customized to your requirements, it is impossible to give exact price quotes over the internet. The starting price for customization is typically $75.00 - $150.00 per county, in addition to the cost of the county map. More complex customizations will be billed accordingly.

Available Attributes: There are a number of attributes available for use in customizing the map to suit your needs. Click to view a table of the Pipeline Attributes available for customizing the map.

Data Source: Texas Railroad Commission Digital Pipeline layer

Coverage: The entire state of Texas. Each file covers one county.

Turn-around time: Please allow at least 5 business days for customization.

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