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Texas County Map: Available Pipeline Attribute Information
Field Description
Length Pipeline segment length in map units.
OPS Id Accounting number assigned by the U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Pipeline Safety to the company that physically operates the pipeline system.
P5 Number A six-digit number generated and used by the RRC to identify a pipeline operator.
Operator Name Name of the firm that operates the facility.
System Name Name of a single pipeline system.
Subsystem Name A unique name for a smaller sub-section of a pipeline system. A subset of System Name (above).
Pipeline ID This is an identifier for a specific section of the pipeline within a pipeline system.
Diameter Nominal diameter of the pipeline segment, in inches.
Commodity 1 Abbreviation for the primary commodity carried by the pipeline system.

Code Description
HG Hydrogen gas
CRD Crude Oil
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas
NG Natural Gas
PRD Product
AA Anhydrous Ammonia
NG Natural Gas
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
NGL Natural Gas Liquids
HVL Highly Volatile Liquid
EMT Empty
Commodity 2 Abbreviation for the secondary commodity carried by the pipeline system. Same as Commodity 1, except EMT is not valid.
Commodity 3 Abbreviation for the tertiary commodity carried by the pipeline system. Same as Commodity 1 except EMT is not valid.
Commodity Description Descriptive information of the commodities carried by the pipeline system.
Interstate Designates a pipeline as either inter or intrastate. “Y” indicates an interstate pipeline, “N” indicates an intrastate pipeline.
Status Code Identifies the current status of the pipeline segment. “I” = in service, “B” = abandoned, “R” = retired.
Quality Code Operator’s estimate of the positional accuracy of the submitted pipeline segment. “E”=excellent: within 50 feet, “V”=very good: 50-300 feet, “G”=good: 301-500 feet, “P”=poor: 501-1000 feet, “U”=unknown.
T4 Permit RRC assigned five-digit pipeline permit number.
System Type Abbreviation for the system type description.

Code Description
G Gas Gathering
K Carbon Dioxide
L Crude Gathering
O Crude Transmission
P Non_HVL Liquid Products
Q HVL Products
T Gas Transmission
County The County FIPS code.
Common Carrier Declaration of common carrier or gas utility status. Y = it is a common carrier OR gas utility. N = it is neither
System ID A six-digit RRC-generated system identifier. This item may not be present in all pipeline attribute files. The first number is the region number. Second is the system-type number. A four digit RRC assigned sequence number completes the item.

Region Numbers (Digit 1) Region Name
1 Amarillo
2 Midland
3 Kilgore
4 Austin
5 Houston
6 Dallas
7 Corpus Christi
8 & 9 Multi-Regional

System Type Number (Digit 2) System Type Name
3 Gas
4 Liquid
National Pipeline Mapping System (System ID) Unique ID for the pipeline system to which the segment belongs, assigned by the National Repository.
Albers Miles Mileage of the pipeline segment calculated using the Albers projection.
Subrepository Code Code for the NPMS repository that processed the polyline segment. (TX)

PLEASE NOTE: This data is currently in the process of being modified and will be updated in the future to conform to the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS). Users of pipeline data can expect specific items within the pipeline attribute table to be updated at any time.