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Can I order maps online?

Yes you can. Please take note of the following steps to ensure that your order is not subject to unnecessary interruptions:


Setup an account prior to ordering

Prior to ordering your first map, please take the opportunity to establish your account by downloading the New Client Request form. Please fill out the form in its entirety and fax it back to 972.715.5719. You will get a confirmation email with your account number included, as well as a link to your protected download directory on our site.

Select the county or counties that you wish to order

Please peruse the online pricelist in order to find the price of the county or counties that you are interested in purchasing.

Search the Texas County Map online pricelist


Choose the appropriate datum, projection, and units

Datum Projection Units
NAD27 Geographic Decimal Degrees
NAD27 State Plane Feet (default), Meters
NAD27 UTM Meters (default), Feet
NAD83 (*) Geographic Decimal Degrees
NAD83 (*) State Plane Feet, Meters (default)
NAD83 (*) UTM Meters (default), Feet
(*) Accuracies of conversions from NAD27 to NAD83 are typically 12 to 18 cm (5 to 7 inches)

Choose the proper file format

Application Possibile formats Remarks
AutoCAD (Autodesk) DWG, DXF, DWF Generally, AutoCAD users will prefer DWG, unless they are going to use the file in other packages along with AutoCAD
Petra (geoPlus) DXF Petra users report the best success if they also select Geographic projection with Decimal Degrees for the map units
Canvas (Deneba) CVX, DXF CVX is available for an additional fee, as it requires a lot of processing time and the resultant files are very large.
MapInfo DXF Some MapInfo users have reported that text appears small. We can make the text larger - but we need to know that you are using MapInfo
Don't know / Don't have software DWF The DWF format may be viewed by installing a free viewer onto your computer. You have the ability to pan, zoom, turn layers on and off, and print, but you will not be able to modify the map.

Make your order by fax, email or toll free 800 number.

Fax: 972.715.5719
Toll Free: 800.826.2096