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Texas County Maps - Harris County, Texas - Sample Download

Location: This sample was taken from an area NW of Houston, Texas, just N of Hwy 290 and E of the town of Jersey Village

Layers: Texas Land Survey (surveys, subdivisions), Wells, Pipelines, Culture (airports, cemeteries, city and county boundaries, railroads, water features)

Quads Spanned: Portions of Hedwig Village and Satsuma

Boundary Coordinates: (747,969 N, 3,091,370 E) - (771,261 N, 3,109,172 E) (NAD27, Zone 4204)

Source Date: 10/28/2002

Texas County Map Preview: Harris County

Samples: Harris County, TX, NAD 27, State Plane Zone 4204

AutoCAD 2000 DWG, Harris County, 4204
AutoCAD 2000 DXF, Harris County, 4204
AutoCAD R14 DWG, Harris County, 4204
AutoCAD R14 DXF, Harris County, 4204
AutoCAD R13 DWG, Harris County, 4204
AutoCAD R13 DXF, Harris County, 4204

Samples Disclaimer:
These samples are provided for the purpose of examining the Texas County Maps in a particular area that the user may be more likely to have familiarity with. They are typically from older source data and therefore may not accurately reflect recent activity in the area. Additionally, please read the Texas County Map full disclaimer for further details.