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MidTexGIS 2011.1.0 for AutoCAD 2010-2011 just released!

Pipeline information is at your fingertips when you couple our Texas County Maps with the MidTex GIS Plug-in for AutoCAD. This plug-in is a standard AutoCAD extension application that integrates seamlessly into your existing installation of AutoCAD. MidTexGIS supports AutoCAD versions 2004-2009.

All of our maps in the DWG format include embedded pipeline attributes, and this plug-in is the way to unlock the map's fuller potential! Using MidTexGIS is easy. Once loaded, simply move your crosshairs over a pipeline, and the tooltip will display automatically.

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Texas County Maps Sample: Harris Co., TX

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When evaluating opportunities for finding hydrocarbons, you need to be smart about where you spend your time and money.

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Custom Annotated Texas Pipeline Maps

See the data the way that makes most sense for your project, by utilizing customized Texas Pipeline Maps from MidTex Mapping Services. The pipeline layer includes attributes which can be used for annotation on the map. Possibile annotations are text, customizing the layering, colors, or linetypes of the pipeline entities, or some meaningful combination of these options. more...

Annotated Texas Pipeline Sample

Our mapping services are designed to give high quality cartographic data and software to Geologists, Geophysicists, and other engineers. If you are looking for a Texas county map or an oil well map of Texas, we offer a selection of digital county maps in Texas, a natural gas pipeline map collection, GIS maps, affordable Texas land surveys, and a complete Texas oil well map selection. Begin your Texas oil well drilling experience today, and navigate your way through the Texas geology oil sands with ease.


Cropping & Scaling in Canvas 9

Canvas is a graphically oriented CAD program that works in such as way that the user is always working on the page that ultimately will be printed. As such, it does not have the concept of model space and paper space, as is true in the case of AutoCAD (for example). When you import your map into Canvas, you should make sure that you scale the entire map to fit on the size of paper that you ultimately want to print on (letter, legal, tabloid, or larger plotter-sized sheets.) This way, you'll have the entire map at your disposal for when you wish to zoom in to a particular area of interest and plot it out at a desired scale. more...


MidTex Mapping Services Co. was started in 1991 with a goal of providing high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use digital mapping information to the public. Our goal continues to be leveraging the use of emerging technologies to improve the process of tailoring the information to the needs of each client as well as to simplify the process of utilizing the information for specific disciplines.